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How To Remove Darkness Around Lips Corner Fast | How To Remove Darkness on Upper Lips | Try These Natural Remedies From Your Home

How To Remove Darkness Around Lips Corner Fast | How To Remove Darkness on Upper Lips | Try These Natural Remedies From Your Home.

Want to get rid of dark skin around the lips?
Acne scars are the worst. I think we can all
agree on that. Here are ten remedies that you probably
have right now at home that can help eliminate your
dark spots and acne scars fast. Then Try these natural
remedies from your Home.
While most of us do everything we can to take care of our skin,
from buying expensive products to trying everything we have ever
heard of from scrubbing, cleansing and what not do All Things.
Yet, we often overlook taking care of skin around the lips,
hence end up with a darker tone around the lips than rest of
our face. Here are some natural remedies you can try to banish
the dark skin around the lips. All those remedies is we use
every day and we also see those remedies but we don't no how
to use. Lets i will Tell you lets go.

1.Lemon juice
If you want to lighten your scar, lemon is a great choice.
It has alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), meaning it has the healing
properties your skin needs.

It is one of the best remedies when it comes to bleaching
your skin naturally as it contains citric acid that helps
prevent the occurrence of dark skin cells and treats dark
patches. Take a lemon and cut into halves. Take one half
and gently rub it around your lips.

2.Sandalwood and turmeric
Turmeric is great for acne scars specifically because it contains
curcumin, a compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties that reduce excess production of melanin, which adds
pigmentation to your scar and makes it darker.

Combination of sandalwood and turmeric is another remedy that
is effective in treating the dark skin around the lips. All you
have to do is mix a small amount of sandalwood with a pinch of
turmeric powder and add a few drops of rose water to prepare a
paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it dry.
Rinse your face with normal water after 15-25 minutes.

3.Oatmeal scrub
Another effective remedy you can try to get rid of dark skin
around your lips is oatmeal scrub. To prepare this natural scrub,
you’ll need oatmeal, tomato juice and olive oil. Mix all the
ingredients well and apply this mask on your face and scrub for
some time. Wash off your face with cold water.

4.Aloe vera
Scars heal when there are moisturizing and soothing properties
present in your treatment. Aloe vera gel is also effective in
treating dark and sun-tanned skin. Take a fresh aloe vera leaf,
cut it and scoop out the gel from it. Gently massage your face
and skin around the lips with this gel and leave for half an hour.
Wash off with cold water later.

5.Lemon and olive oil
You can also use a mixture prepared by adding few drops of lemon
in olive oil. Apply this mixture on the skin around the lips and
leave it for some time. For best results, use this remedy twice a day.

6. Honey
There’s a reason you’ll see honey more than once on this list.
Its natural moisturizing effects and stimulation of tissue regeneration
make it a popular ingredient to mix into your skin care routine.
In its raw form, honey is amazing and the darker it is the more
medicinal properties it contains.

Mixing honey with cinnamon is a great renewal treatment that can
help keep skin smooth and clear.

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